Saturday, December 31, 2011

My life's Year-in Review and New Year's Resolution

Hmmmmm okay. So 2011 was a big hurricane for me. Everything turned out to be less than or more than what I expected. I just don't expect those things to happen, they just do. I guess what I learned in 2011 is that fact that things change, and you need to adapt to these changes so you could make yourself better. You lose some, you win some.

And so with the problems I had in 2011, I created my 2012 resolution:

  1. I should stop procrastination. It's what hinders me in doing what I want and what I need to do.
  2. I should exercise. Damn, nobody loves this fluffy belly paired with my thin body!
  3. I should do academic stuff more diligently. I don't want to add another year of torture in college.
  4. I should smile more often! XD
  5. I should find time for the love of my life. I don't know, I just feel like I looked right past her. And I just want the best in this aspect, I could even sacrifice the other four for this! (LOL JK not the acads.)
Wew. With these resolutions, I should be better than the 2011 version of me. I hope I could do such things..... Well anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! HAVE A GOOD YEAR AHEAD! XD

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hey You!

Yeah, you.

You with your messy hair,
the seemingly tired eyes,
the awkward crooked smile,
and the one who thinks she's unimportant.

I want you to know that you're beautiful and I love you.

Damn, if only things are just as fast and sweet as this quote. But I don't even have the guts to say these words to her. :(

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau

I always believed that life is nothing but a big cause-and-effect. You win the game because you trained hard, or you're just too awesome. If you fail, then sorry, you just have to try harder.

But this movie was just not what I thought. According to this movie, there's always someone (or some men) who controls your present, be it spilling your coffee or witnessing a car crash, to control what is planned for your future. The Adjustment Bureau was there from the start, so we can change our minds and instead go to where we are supposed to be. They change the way we think, the way we see things, and the way things go to achieve their goals as set in the master plan of our lives.

When politician David Norris (played by Matt Damon) ran for senate, it was a hard time for him. He thought he was winning all along. Then down went the votes. After practicing his lines in the Men's Comfort Room, he realized he was not alone. That's how she met Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt), a girl whose free and wild spirit captured his senses. But alas, they're destined only to meet that night. Or is it? Nope, Chuck Testa. They met again when a member of the Bureau, Harry Mitchell, failed to keep him down. So, when the time was stopped, that's when David went inside the conference room and found the other members of the society manipulating the minds of those other people.

And so, I will not spill further details of what the story is, just a little bit of useful and bloggable data. Sorry. ;)

I certainly loved the movie, because it showed how love moves people to do their stuff, against all odds, even fate. That's what I want to absorb inside, the guts to go on and think that fate is so overrated not to let me try.

The only sick concept here is that some men can hold your thought, change it because that was planned. As David said, "What happened to freewill?" I hate the concept that you can't move to what your guts tells you to. You just let fate control you. You have no choice, like it or not, regret it or not, it's meant to be and it's gonna freaking happen. But it gave me also positive outlooks, that if you're meant to be, you will be.

I love the concept of the ending. Just watch the movie because it was worth it anyways. I won't spill it for you. Just one of the last lines said in the movie.

" will is a gift you'll never know how to use until you fight for it." This may learn to be a lesson to us. As the old chant says, CARPE DIEM! XD


Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Curse of 11/11/11

Have I told you to be careful what you wish for the last time I posted a blog? Last time I checked, yes I did. Just making sure you did not wish for something stupid. Because 11/11/11 is taking its toll on me.

I wished to see her and have a conversation with her. The whole week I wished for such stupid time. And who knows? I saw her on the mall today. Or so I thought. But I swear to God it was her that I saw. But I'm hesitant to talk. It was in the grocers, and I may not take how my brother might "bug" me and my blushing face. I was just happy I saw her, but I was saddened by the fact that I did not have the chance to hear her voice.

I took it as it was, that it was not yet my time, then my second cousin's cousin (yep, that explains how far cousins we were) started to hit the same girl. I should have told you, he's also a groomsman in the wedding, And also in the game of the improvised Trip to Jerusalem. I did not know he almost had an affair once with her.  Now we move on to the story, leading us to Facebook. And guess who's using the Ad Hominem Fallacy against me to have more points on her? Wow, I could not believe he said that to her publicly. I mean, that's kind of rude for someone to poison the well just to have the girl.

He was just lucky that we went to the church right away after we went to the mall. Because at that time, she was online. Grabe, I did not have a minute for a conversation with her. I only asked for even just a Facebook chat with her. I could have protected her from such douchebag-ness of that cousin. >:|

Everything was just a trial. I must know how to care for her. Maybe one day, she could MIGHT be the one for me. I could not wait for that day to come! I believe she don't deserve those douchebags, she deserves a knight-in-a-shining-armor-to-be. OOOOPS. I'm overstating a fact, therefore it was a fallacy I said. Dayumn. But on the first place, I will not do such to a lady like her, that's what I could assure her if she only knew. Haaaaay....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Car Fantasies

Since I am turning 21 and my father has loaned another car, it occurred to me that I now want to drive a car. Or in the family's case, I want to own a car. Be it that 2-year-old-but-good-as-new DMax or a new automatic-transmission low ride sedan.

If ever I will inherit the DMax, then fine. But I'd like the interior to have some touch of forest green or onyx black, partnered with a sporty musky frangrance. Then Taz Accessories to wrap it all up. And most especially, no more boring classical and make-you-infertile music, just pure adrenaline-pumping punk and emo-core music (and the latest hits to add). The grayish color of that car is fine, I like it anyways.

But in case they want to sell the poor car which has always been a good companion in our family outings and buy or loan me another, I'd prefer the race car type (e.g. Mitsubishi Lancer EX, Toyota Vios, Honda Civic, Honda City) or the cutie mini car type (e.g. Ford Fiesta, Chery QQ, Honda Jazz, Suzuki Alto). I know this was kind of selfish, but I want to have my own ride, with no one dictating what music I intend to play. I'd like the color green or greenish or black or some color that distinguishes it from other cars ('cause white, black, red and blue are too mainstream LOL). And yeah, they'll have the same accesories and what-have-you's inside.

But if possible, I want the cruise control technology that my father's new car has. And player control in the steering wheel. And the touch-screen display. And back-light color of the buttons would be color green, please. Chrome plating is very necessary. And if there are free vinyls, why not?

And kids, that's how I fantasize about this whole car thingy that's going on inside my head. XD

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For

I am not against God's will for my life, I actually wanted him to take the wheel and let whatever might happen happen to me. But yeah, I believe also in luck, I mean, what have I got to lose from wishing on a 11/11/11, on the exact time of 11:11:11 am? Even without the date, I always try to catch that time (sometimes it's the pm version of the time I catch) and wish because I want to believe that God, or fate it is for those who don't believe in Him, is actually working out for my wish.

Then came this day, November 12, 2011. At the wedding I attended where I was a groomsman, there goes that "little game" instead of tossing the bouquet and the garter. To make the long story short, I got the bad chance of having the garter. Great, must be the chair. And there goes my partner. I describe her as stunning. With her makeup and all sh!t girls do to their faces (I'm not anti-makeups, just want to judge if the girl is naturally pretty enough). And the ritual happened (oh c'mon, I know y'all know what that is for the bouquet/garter toss, right?).

But you must know that before this game, I was really eyeing on her at the church, and I was like, man, can we be partners please? But then, I let my fate decide whoever of those girls I get to escort, that's why I did not have the chance at first. Until that thing happened.

I was so overwhelmed or just ashamed with my relatives and especially my cousins teasing me. I don't know, IT WAS JUST AWKWARD. Or maybe I was just TORPE SHY TYPE. OKAY! I did not get her number, alright? Now stop teasing.

I tried to think of it as we went home, and I realized I can't get her out of my head since. A feeling I should not feel. Then I remember that wish from yesterday. And I was like, damn, this can of beer might not be enough and I need to have another! And then, I thought of it and I said, yeah screw it, not my day. I tried to see my solo picture while I'm in the ramp. In that picture was a clear capture of her in my back and I thought, meh, coincidence. Until I saw a notification in my Facebook friend request tab. It was her! Damn.

But my brother has got a point. She's just, what? Third Year High School? Or Fourth Year at that? And I was like twenty turning twenty-one. TOO OLD FOR HER. Oh great, now I'm ALL FVCKED UP AGAIN. It was a clear MINDFVCK for me. If really she was the one I wished for, I don't know how we could communicate if I try things out with her. I mean, we are living in, literally speaking, different worlds.

I just got to see her one more time. Not that I abhor love at first sight like I did, but I just want to make sure it was right for us to meet. AND, there goes 11:11 pm. I missed it. (facepalm)

Monday, November 7, 2011

How I Lost My Patience

That was it. I had now lost my patience.

Years and years I was always been patient. I tried to be angry, but my parents always tell me not to. He was of little age at that time. Our gap of 8 years made it harder for me to adjust. So the situation here, the native needs to adjust to what’s foreign. But still I did. I don’t want to fight. It was useless.

Little by little he knows where to get me. Every time he gets me annoyed. I fight back but it’s the guilt that always backs me down. He was my little bro after all. He was just not calm like me, but he is my little bro and he will be.

I tried to set an example to him, to be calm before the storm, and even during it. I tried to show not to talk things with mocking. But in the end it’s what I always receive. MOCKING ME WAS THE WORST THING I DON’T WANT TO HEAR.

12 years passed, and still I was holding out that anger deep inside. Okay, maybe a little bit of that anger may have sparked somehow, but I kept it as far as I could. But when I am trying to do something meaningful and I hear some stupid comment about what I did, I would not know what to feel.

I tried to be as absorbent as I can. For who I am outside, that’s how a silent worker I am when I am in the house. All of their requests, I do without any qualms. For all this time I tried to be the KUYA they wanted to have, but turns out I was not enough.

I just wish somehow they will treat me better, not like everything was my fault. And these tears that fell were not situational. These were for 12 years of confusion, patience, adjustment, taking pains, backed-down anger, lowered pride, and lowered self-value. 12 years that I lost. 12 years of living in a lie, where I was who they wanted to be.

And that kids, was how I lost my patience. With just one wrong thing in what you were doing then you are mocked, I don’t know how you would react.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boy from the Naive Orleans

Before the month ends and the semester starts, here goes a blog. It has really been a long while since I was frequently blogging because I was busy. Yep, lame but true excuse.

The past semester has really been hard for me, like all hell broke loose just for me. I have myself exhausted at the first month of the semester. Then in the Midterms week, I got sick. Not to mention I have to transfer from a good house with my Brods then to a "deserted" Boarding House. Great, isn't it?

But the second greatest struggle (first of which is academics which I overcame before the next semester began) was in the groups I was affiliated to. It seemed that I was having a hard time to balance myself this time. I mean, those past semesters of being lax now takes its toll and this time I need to focus now on what matters most.

For many reasons I kept too far for them to survive, I may have to decide whether or not to leave a group.

I was there when the group was a shining star. I was there when all of the sudden that star was forced to collide with others and almost lost its light. I was there when the group tried to regain their composure. I was the first leader for the rebirth of the group. And when it finally risen again, I was there. But not for long. I have to keep myself away, not because I don't like the group, but I don't see myself growing with the group.

True enough, I could be called a pillar of the group. But as the group tried to reach another notch, I was left on the first level, and I could not commit that much to practice, because at the first place it's the academics I have to prioritize. And now that I have to try not extend my stay in the university for another year, I have MUST do what is best for me.

I have no problem with the people in the group. In fact I love them. They were there tirelessly for the group. We shared some hopes and dreams (and some shots) together. I mean, staying with 8 passionate guys for that sake was a huge sacrifice for me. And then, they grew as expected of us as a group, but I never did, no matter how hard I tried. I know this thinking is ridiculous, but they can do much better with or without me.

So why did I stay for another year? I cannot leave the group, because they are in need of people. I could have left like my batchmates did. But I so love music that I want to keep it in the University. The music cannot and must not die. I decided to take a pause, away from them, because my academic life was calling me.

After I lay low for a while, I've seen them myself when they presented in a program and I was just amazed. I figured my problem myself: I was never fit for a performance like they did. I mean, I have the talent but I did not have the guts for that kind of presentation. I have the passion for music but it's rock genre that I prefer. I was never oriented to betray the group's style and it never was my intention, but I did. I do not see myself in the next few years singing choir songs.

I just hope one day, when I leave, I can do it with no hurt feelings, and I just hope the group might reach its goals and visions. I can't believe I joined such a group, met such people and went through UPMin life for four years now. That was the best experience for me. But when I have to go, I pray for the success of the group, that they may stand strong, for I know I might be just a burden or even insignificant to the growth of the team.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

For The New Blogger Interface and My Rant

So this is the new interface of Blogger... hmmmm. noice!

I'm sorry but this post will not be an appreciation of Blogger. It's about a rant.

Do you know the feeling when you have your mind set that everything will be OK, then all of the sudden all of the things just fall out? I would clearly not mind if I work things out myself, like assign me that one as a compensation on the time you felt I was not part of the group. I will take all tolls. But tonight, somebody just pissed my night off. *INH* (pardon, but I will tag her as *INH*, short for *Insert Name Here*) just changed the topic for our final paper. Great. Last minute changes. OOOH, I SO LOVE THAT. I love it when I was already grinning because I almost finished that damn part she told me to do, then she changed everything. I love it when the paper only needs revisions, then she tells me to make a new paper. OH I DO LOVE THAT. EVERYBODY DOES. SARCASTICALLY.

 And here's another problem. *INH* has yet to send me the parameters. And I'm tired of waiting for the updates. Great, because she always bugs someone to do this and that, but now I can't even seem to find her part. Plus, she expects me to do 5 parts of the paper that's worth 20 pages at my estimate. Hey I am trying everything, just don't make me like a machine. Who am I, Google? For her to expect that much of pages in just one sitting?

And there goes my rant. And I'm still waiting for that update. fssssssssssssh....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Epic Note

Dear (insert her name here),

I know I'm too weak to show it. But in case you haven't noticed, I have been inlove with you since.

Yes, I have been. I remember when I see you, I have to look away because I'm afraid that I might not be the right guy. I'm busy, and you are busier. I'm afraid I just might be a bug in your schedule. For the record, this is the first time that I have hesitated at taking risks just to have even a dot there in your planner. I am... clearly intimidated by your aura. How I wish I was drunk enough to knock in your room or call out your name to tell you about this, uhhhhm, whatever this feeling is. But I can't even look at you, afraid that I would be staring at you and more afraid that you would notice.

This time, no more lying, no more about this pretense. No more Facebook likes to hide that it's you I like. Not even a status to show them who's on my mind. No tweets to say what's happening because in the end it's always me thinking of you.

I wanna be that guy you ever wished for. I wanna sing you a song while you were dancing in the rain. I wanna be one of the reasons for that gorgeous smile of yours. I wanna put the colors in your world. I wanna make you swear that there's someone willing to win your heart and would never ever try to break it. I want you to know that I exist. That I was real. That WE could happen, if you let me in. Sadly, this story happens in a fairytale only. You're my dream that won't come true.

But having said that, I would gladly grab this chance to say how I feel. What do I have to risk? You. I would risk the chance of telling you all of these before I go crazy and even before you'll notice. Well, I guess you have noticed it a long time. Five months of being so head-over-heels, it's too long. And tonight I broke my silence.

When I met you, life became happy. (A little riddle 'bout her perhaps? XD)


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Playlist

Music. It is all around us. Whatever we hear can be described as music.

But music is too broad to say that you have heard it all. So you select what kind of music you want to hear, as music is also depending on the preferences.

So this post is about what you could expect to find in my playlist and what I recommend you to listen at. They are somehow mainstream, but not that mainstream as Lady Gaga and Ke$ha (two artists who could make me feel like turning the radio off aside from Justin Bieber). Yeah kidding aside, here goes the list.

EMAROSA. They are a good band. And even though they change their vocalists in every album, I still find it cool that they stick to the same genre, because the vocals just stay cool, like it's almost close to shouting, but in a good way. And the drum lines, always consistent. And I always like it simple and easy to hear.

URBANDUB. They are so far the best OPM band in the industry nowadays. The four-piece band was like they were so meant to play with each other. They sound good as a whole, whether the music is emotional or overly dubbed, they won't fail to amaze. From Janjan's drums that follow Lalay's bass lines, to John and Gabby's exchanging of riffs and vocals. They have also shown their growth in music by experiencing diferent kind of rock in every album, from Birth to The Apparition.

FALL OUT BOY. They are the most unlikely to be entered in this list. But since they never fail to keep me pumped up with the music, they are so much welcomed. Lyrics were so much senseless and fun, that you might think that they are just party punks (coz yeah, that's what their music was). And Pete Wentz going on the bass and Patrick Stump hitting high notes, just so good to hear that you want to imitate then in the bathroom.

FRANCO. They are the superband of Cebu. Not just superband because of the fact that they are coming from other big bands, but because they made super-quality music. starting with Franco Reyes' voice, guitars and music, Parokya Ni Edgar's Buhawi Meneses bringing the strong beat of the bass, Urbandub's Janjan Mendoza and Gabby Alipe's Techniques on drums and guitars, respectively (thus bringing the feeling that this band sounds Urbandub-ish) and Paolo "8" Toleran's raw and edgy guitars, they indeed are superb. They made InYo's music as hardcore as possible, thus making it their music anthemic and high-pumping.

ALL TIME LOW. This band offers a great variety of music, from emo, to screamo, to party punk. These kids explore most of their time on these music and this is why I include their music to the playlist. I suggest you hear their singles, like "Remembering Sunday", "Jasey Rae", "Stay Awake" and "Running From Lions".

MAYDAY PARADE. You might call them Emo but I find their music relaxing. No more, no less. If you want to get back to your teenage dreams, then go for this band. And they will be here in the Philippines in July, and I can't watch them. Too bad.

GO RADIO. Jason Lancaster. That's it. But I find this music good. nobody can defeat his voice as of now. Knowing how soothing it is now, and the lyrics are so carefully written that showed his musicality. Too bad he was now out of Mayday Parade.

FEARLESS RECORDS' PUNK GOES SERIES. I am sorry, but mind if I include this? Fearless Records has a bunch of bands that are willing to commit themselves for an exploration of their genre. I just love the underground punk, for they are not settling for what they knew. They cover songs and made them screamo and hardcore and party music. And they are even sacrificing their music for an acoustic version of it, that went pretty well, and even brought more soul to the music. The covers, they are mostly pop and crunk that goes hardcore and more full, though some of the covers were simply losing its soul.

And that's it! XD

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why I Hate Relationships

As Alfred Lord Tennyson quoted, "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all". But this does not work out for me anyways. I mean, at the moment.

I have had a handful relationships for quite a while now. All of these made me who I am in handling every other relationships I had. But I guess they were never just enough at all. So then now, I stop.

I am not really that afraid of falling in love. I am just trying to protect myself at this early age of any hurt that I might encounter, again. I have been on relationships that is prone to sinking. So it's best to leave some for myself. I have been so busy trying to please the one I'm in a relationship with, that all people actually hated me (or that's what I thought). And in the end, one special song I should sing to each of them (and another poem or two perhaps?) just to show that I held on or I gave up or I've moved on. Yeah, this has been what I am. An actor, a poet, a singer, a minstrel in front of my girl.

I have been through heartbreaks a many times. And I think I just don't have the rights to handle those kind of relationships at those times. I don't know what is in me, but in time I'll know. And in time I'll find the one. IN TIME.

But this does not mean I don't have any crushes. Hey, I'm still human, I have that great chance to be attracted to the opposite sex. I actually have someone I like whom I want to know better, and maybe become friends with her. But that's it. JUST FRIENDS FOR NOW. Maybe when it's time, I'd show her the moves, but not today, and NOT AT THIS POINT IN LIFE.

Well, I hope someone just shows up at the right place, at the right time and at the right moments in life, types that made me want to say it all over again to everyone I knew. Like my dad who flew to Negros Occidental just to find my mom and eventually marry her. Note, without any "pamanhikan" thingy we knew as well.

And this was just a random post to share my heart for now. So wherever you are (of course I'm reffering to that crush), I hope that you're happily reading this. XD


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Crappy Phone

Because I can't just sleep at this time, I would gladly like to blog this sh!t out.

I have this phone from Cherry Mobile. The unit, D15. I, at first had no choice but to buy this one. I just have to have a dual-sim phone to accommodate my Sun friends without even sacrificing my Smart friends. But then, there goes the problems.

It started with the casing. I could easily remove the back casing and now I even play with it just for fun. Then it's the earphones that won't work anymore. Then with the charger. It started going nuts, won't charge on Nokia chargers when it had an outlet. I let that pass by, a universal charger would do for a while. Then the charger went like, boom! It almost gave me the freaks in my boarding house and thinking what would have happened if I started the fire. That was one wake-up call.

I went to SM to look for a charger and there was no charger available. Not a sight of any charger compatible. And so I settled with CD-R King's USB Universal Charger. Quite handy. I then bought earphones.

Then as time goes by, I give up. It was too crappy for me now. I wanted a phone that is supposed to give me a good buy. But it served its Php2k. Add the microSD which I brought for Php250. Then the Php350 earphones (yeah, I know right? so sick, and they're the same, mind you!). Then Php100 for the first universal charger, another Php100 for the second. so that's Php2,800 already! Then the earphone I am using just won't work again! Just now!!! I should have known better as an economist in the future.

So now I need a new phone. With the budget of Php2,000, would anyone consider MyPhone? If so, why? So I could have a choice. The B15 I think is the most preferable for me at the moment.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fall and Fade

So this should be my second consecutive post in this week. I have this post pending for like months already, so I guess I just have to post this now.

This is Psalm Galope's song for those who would want to give up or those who are afraid to pursue their dreams. I mean, there's only one destination our body goes, to dust. But we can make our lives meaningful anyways before it goes dust.

So this is Psalm Galope with the song, Fall and Fade. enjoy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stay Away

This post is a show that sometimes love comes too good to be true.

Anne Mendoza again made everyone cry. haha. So her song, Stay Away, is a heartfelt song, telling of how love comes to easy and dreamy that you need to wake up from the reality that you were not meant for each other. Sometimes, we rush love. And sometimes we manage to make it like, yeah, this was my dream relationship. But, sometimes, love just ain't enough. Love was sometimes too good to be true. And sometimes, love was not all we needed.

Too much for that, here is Anne Mendoza with her new single (char!), Stay Away. Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Discommunicated People

Waking up in the morning, I have realized what I need and what I don’t.

It’s about the cellular phones, or cellphones. I have been so addicted that I have to text everyone where I was at that kind of moment, or what I have been feeling, or any lyrics of a song just to use my unlimited text service offered by my cellular service providers. It’s kind of an initiative to text everyone in your phonebook just to use that service when you’re “unlimited”.

Here’s things I have to reason out why I (and in the end, we) should stop this texting thing:

1. PROCRASTINATION. We have been so tired of telling everyone long stories that all we need is to say “text ko nalang (I’ll text you instead)”. Hey, is this how communication works? No, communication must not stop like this. I’d say we are now too lazy to tell jokes at public. This hinders also our ability to speak in public.

2.LANGUAGE DIFFERENCE. Yeah I hate jejemons. They make language more complicated. I mean, it’s enough that we have language. Just no including the Z’s and the extra S’s. They are unnecessary.

3.ECONOMIC INSTABILITY. We tend to buy load than buy food. Yeah, so sad. I mean, we overstated the need for communication. We must think of wants and needs anyways. Could we live without cellphone load? Yes. Could we live without food? No.

4.USELESS PRANKS. People were passing some chain messages that made no sense, and would even use a wish, or even God, to be credible in passing. I also remembered that prank about BBC warning Filipinos that we would be affected by the nuclear plant in Japan. This is over communication, this ain’t even true.

So the next time you use your phone, use it for a better purpose, please. At least use it to communicate, not to encourage miscommunication, just like for what it is supposed to be used.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


20 years. Yeah, no kidding. I've scored. Just today. But it doesn't show! Well, advantages. hehe.

I have so many things in life to ponder. I can't believe myself as I bring a flashback of those memories. I just can't think of myself changing from hairdo to accents to music type to shoe preferences.

I have encountered several headaches, and heartbreaks. I have tasted happy times, I savored sad times. I have been called many names, but I remained myself. I drank all those good days, but I never forgotten God. I will never forget Him, who died for me and for my sins. Lord, thank you.... :))

I have to say thank you for those who had been part of my 2 decades, especially those part of the last decade. For the laughters, sorrows, mischiefs, achievements, and all. Dominiques (special mention: GM's), Thomasites (since I have been joining the group for two years before you named yourselves), AMC, UPeepz, ABEDOSMILOTSO, Katingugan, PSALM-UPMIN, PS-PSD (weeeee!), Rubia Boys and Girls (kanus-a makuha jerseys? hehe), and all my acquaintances, thank you so much. You all made me who I am today.

I couldn't be thankful enough for my parents.I have not grown to be what they expected. But despite of this fact, they accepted me. They give me all I needed. They protected me from harm. They risked giving what I really wanted. I was never the achiever-type whom mothers liked their sons to be someday. But I got big dreams. And they gave me my dream. Music, there goes guitar lessons. Proper education, oh, there goes Panabo Faith Mission Academy and Maryknoll High School of Panabo. Future, yeah, there's the University of the Philippines Mindanao. Everything I chose, though they planned it, they asked for my opinion. And they understand me for who I am.

The heck! Why do I need to do this stuff? Well, I don't want to be a gayish bullcrap here crying, so I end with a Lyrics from Urbandub's song: "There's no point in keeping your head face-down/ when all you see and know and feel is temporary/ spread your arms and keep your head held high/ good things are better taken in the less you notice."


PS. Here is a picture of my designer shoe made in NIKEiD. Would someone please help me buy this one? kindly click the pic below and see the beauty. :))

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It was a good rainy December night. I just finished reading my books, so I went to the cyberspace. I heard of this new album of My Chemical Romance, with the statement to stop melodrama and go back to the roots of rock. Well, not all of you are aware, right?

As I browse through their music, I viewed a comment that tries to stop Justin Bieber’s career. And I was like, hell yeah, I agree dude. For he was carrying a virus – a virus that causes this Bieber Fever. A virus that killed rock in the minds of all those wailing girls. A virus that destroyed musicality.

What does music mean? Was it just a combination of melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre, or was it something deeper? Was it just anywhere and whatever you hear like the rustling of the leaves, or was it what you feel and the expression of what you felt, like the sound of your heartbeat? And was it just following the guy’s music because of his facial assets, or rocking out till your lungs get sore because the music just made you do so? Honestly, I have seen many concerts where everyone sings along to the songs because the music is too good. And I have seen more concerts where everyone is shrieking for the artist because he looks too good. Hey, was this music for you?

Lyric-wise, I’d vote for rock music. Just imagine these lyrics. “Pardon me while I burst into the flames, I’ve had enough of the worst and it’s people’s mindless games.” What’s more lyrical than this? Was it a little dude singing “before they outlaw a kiss, baby give me one last hug”? Come one. This is kind of promoting "premature sex" (no, there is no such words I guess, I'm just saying it). Seen the videos? Does it make sense for a boy that just turned 17?

I remember when having your hair as long as mine right now would be associated with rock bands, and the girls do have a common question – “do you play guitar?” and I kind of like it. But now, it is still the same, just an added request – “could you play Bieber songs for me?” And I was like, yeah whatever. I’m too cool and manly for GAY-ber songs.

What is about Justin Bieber that I hate? Nothing. But what is about his music that I hate? Everything. It started the facial value of musicians, like Lady Gaga and Ke$ha. Yeah, Ke$ha? Remember the girl who talks with autotune, and then call it a music.

I bet Usher Raymonds has picked the fruit too unriped, like the mango. Unriped mangoes were still palatable to others who’d like to taste sourness, but mango is supposedly sweet. Just like JBieb. That’s not what music is meant to sound, right? But we bit it. And there goes rock music, the one ripened through time with all the sense. Where is it now? ALMOST GONE.

Because of Bieber, there goes K-pop that we don’t even understand the lyrics! But since, their facial value matters, I can’t blame you who listen to K-pop. But look at Urbandub and Dicta License, OPM bands that once sang about STD. It made sense, but we did not mind.

I’ll end this speech with a tip. When you listen to music, consider the message. It is not the artist you praise for. Music is art, it is meant to be analysed for it to be felt. If you want fame, then go the Bieber way. As for me who wants to celebrate rock music, I’ll opt to let my music be heard by few and appreciated because of talent, than to be judged by the looks.

This is a paper I made for Speech Communication subject or AH3. Hey, no offense bieliebers. I'm just writing this out for the sake of the subject. and I'm just posting what I feel. Freedom of expression dude. If you are moved by this Persuasive Speech or not, I really don't mind. XD

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey Girl (My Supposedly Heart's Day Song)

So I will supposedly be posting about a song I composed just last week, and I wanted to share it in this blog for the first time. Sadly, I did not have the right instrument to make a good post. It is still having a super crappy audio due to the vibrating noise of the guitar. Well, sorry for that guys.

But, instead of posting here the song, I will be able to give you the lyrics of the song. So I entitled it "Hey Girl (The Best Part)". I wrote this song to dedicate to someone I call "POTZ". Yes, I missed her that I have to write the right words to express it. We called it totally over like a month ago, but I still can't get over with it.

So before I get teary-eyed, here is the lyrics of the song. Happy Heart's Day guys! XP

hey girl, don't you know
that I was here, here for you
hey girl, didn't you notice that
I'm missing you since you've gone away

but these words I say
won't mean anything to you

but hey girl, I love you
and I will wait forever
till you realize that there's me for you
and you'll never find another
coz the best part of me is you

hey girl, wouldn't you hear this
I've practiced all my lines but I'll do it in this rhyme
hey girl, I've tried to walk away
trying to act my cool but I've been wasting my time

Coz these things I did
won't mean anything right now

but hey girl, I love you
and I will wait forever
till you realize that there's me for you
and no need to find another
coz the best part of me is

you made my worst days shine
captured by your perfect smile
make the wait so worthwhile
girl I'm so impressed by your style
but this won't mean a thing
if you won't say anything
but then I remember the day
when you say

hey boy, I miss you
and I need your hugs and kisses
for your name was written deep in my heart
and I promise we will never ever part
but hey girl, yes I miss you
when I wake up each day there
you'll be in my heart and mind and though it hurts me so
the best part of me is you

the best part is me and you

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Music Review: Bruno Mars' Doo-woops & Hooligans

Yes, I'm supposedly be working on my academics right now, but the paper I'm supposed to be doing would be pending for at least a week due to a busy teacher. Weeeeee!

Music is really evident in our society right now. But most people just like to sing just because they do. For example, Pete Gene Hernandez, who is more likely to be called by his stage name Bruno Mars by the public. He is of Filipino descent, making me proud of myself being one. He sings because he wants to. And when he sings... O.O

His album, Doo-woops and Hooligans says about his roots and his versatility in genre. This also shows great selection of the order of the song. Here are the list-down of songs:

1. Grenade - This is a stupid song. This shows how guys would do everything for a girl, even if she won't. Great choice of starting song, would give a mindful thinking that Bruno is an "emo".

2. Just The Way You Are - Wew. This is a way to flatter a girl. Give the impression to girls that they don't need to be someone to be loved. Great to back Grenade, after the girl realizes why. :)

3. Our First Time - Sweet song. Perfect for the solo moments. Well, what do we expect? What do you think happens after the girl was flattered? O_O hehehehe

4. Runaway Baby - This is so like Elvis-y song. But behind the beat, just listen to the lyrics. It's so like a hopeful Bruno Mars in there. So maybe it would come in your mind that he wants to make it up with the girl.

5. The Lazy Song - It would be a chill-out song. Yeah, describes most people who just like to relax and enjoy, just even for a day. We all need to relax, recharge as we need to do things.

6. Marry You - Wanna propose? Just sing this song. But this gives an impression also that you have to wait for the right "yes". This also means, after a while of thinking, yeah you could think of how are you to propose after. XD

7. Talking to the Moon - Shoot, this is so emotional, and showing how he could be so smooth. It is somehow good to keep away pride for awhile and accept that you need her. He maybe was denied on the way he proposed. tsk.

8. Liquor Store Blues - Yeah, defined blues music. This is really a wasted song, like, chill. Lets party. Throw away all the hay. And the Rastafarian beat makes it so, wooooo! Just party all the way!

9. Count On Me - This is for the friends who lasted and were tested and true. I also suspect that this is for his special "friend". But anyways this is so cool, so amazing. :)

10. The Other Side ft. Cee Lo Green - What a way to end the album. He is actually waiting for her to come with him on the verge of going to the other side. True love waits. :))

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is She Really Worth It?

Been very bad this night (oops, morning I mean). I'm supposed to study the lessons in ABE155 (Introduction to Marketing Management for the Agribusiness Enterprise, or simply marketing) but I decided to blog. Sorry I can't help myself. :P

Yeah, here is another Anne Mendoza's song. This is excerpted from miss Verna Sabsal's poetry. She got interested on the poem and made it an inspiration to make it more alive by music. I brand this as so damn good, I need to rewrite the lyrics and make it more of like the guy's perspective. And the start of the song has an excerpt from the movie "Just Friends". It somehow fitted the situation.

For those guys who are IN LOVE and have not received the expected, and girls who are HESITANT, here is Anne Mendoza with her song for you! XD

Sunday, January 30, 2011

All Over Again (Piano Version)

I was just about to finish studying so I guess it would be worthwhile to take a breather sometimes and just blog the way out.

So Anne Mendoza could also play the piano. I have waited so long to hear this cool stuff that made more eyes cry than the original one. Plus, with a twist. She recorded it one night after being bored in their house. The acoustics makes it more sad. :|

You could compare the two versions if you want to. Just click here. :)

So everyone, Anne Mendoza again for the piano version of All Over Again. XD