Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Crappy Phone

Because I can't just sleep at this time, I would gladly like to blog this sh!t out.

I have this phone from Cherry Mobile. The unit, D15. I, at first had no choice but to buy this one. I just have to have a dual-sim phone to accommodate my Sun friends without even sacrificing my Smart friends. But then, there goes the problems.

It started with the casing. I could easily remove the back casing and now I even play with it just for fun. Then it's the earphones that won't work anymore. Then with the charger. It started going nuts, won't charge on Nokia chargers when it had an outlet. I let that pass by, a universal charger would do for a while. Then the charger went like, boom! It almost gave me the freaks in my boarding house and thinking what would have happened if I started the fire. That was one wake-up call.

I went to SM to look for a charger and there was no charger available. Not a sight of any charger compatible. And so I settled with CD-R King's USB Universal Charger. Quite handy. I then bought earphones.

Then as time goes by, I give up. It was too crappy for me now. I wanted a phone that is supposed to give me a good buy. But it served its Php2k. Add the microSD which I brought for Php250. Then the Php350 earphones (yeah, I know right? so sick, and they're the same, mind you!). Then Php100 for the first universal charger, another Php100 for the second. so that's Php2,800 already! Then the earphone I am using just won't work again! Just now!!! I should have known better as an economist in the future.

So now I need a new phone. With the budget of Php2,000, would anyone consider MyPhone? If so, why? So I could have a choice. The B15 I think is the most preferable for me at the moment.

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