Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why I Hate Relationships

As Alfred Lord Tennyson quoted, "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all". But this does not work out for me anyways. I mean, at the moment.

I have had a handful relationships for quite a while now. All of these made me who I am in handling every other relationships I had. But I guess they were never just enough at all. So then now, I stop.

I am not really that afraid of falling in love. I am just trying to protect myself at this early age of any hurt that I might encounter, again. I have been on relationships that is prone to sinking. So it's best to leave some for myself. I have been so busy trying to please the one I'm in a relationship with, that all people actually hated me (or that's what I thought). And in the end, one special song I should sing to each of them (and another poem or two perhaps?) just to show that I held on or I gave up or I've moved on. Yeah, this has been what I am. An actor, a poet, a singer, a minstrel in front of my girl.

I have been through heartbreaks a many times. And I think I just don't have the rights to handle those kind of relationships at those times. I don't know what is in me, but in time I'll know. And in time I'll find the one. IN TIME.

But this does not mean I don't have any crushes. Hey, I'm still human, I have that great chance to be attracted to the opposite sex. I actually have someone I like whom I want to know better, and maybe become friends with her. But that's it. JUST FRIENDS FOR NOW. Maybe when it's time, I'd show her the moves, but not today, and NOT AT THIS POINT IN LIFE.

Well, I hope someone just shows up at the right place, at the right time and at the right moments in life, types that made me want to say it all over again to everyone I knew. Like my dad who flew to Negros Occidental just to find my mom and eventually marry her. Note, without any "pamanhikan" thingy we knew as well.

And this was just a random post to share my heart for now. So wherever you are (of course I'm reffering to that crush), I hope that you're happily reading this. XD


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