Thursday, November 6, 2014

Like whaaaaaaaaaaaat???

If it was me you are referring to in your post, well I also got a bone to pick with you.

I was the one who created the start of your RRL. I fixed everything you wrote in your introduction. I was busy as of the last days that you asked for a revision. I told you I could not do it because of lack of resources. I noticed you can put articles on it. I told you you can. I was doing the best that I can do despite my busy schedules, preoccupied mind, and low spirit. I do it all for you.

Now you want a revision. I accepted it even though you said it to me in wee hours. I was doing it until you turned me down. You said you need to do it yourself anyways. It was confusing! But I gave up. I put my trust in you.

Now you're saying that what I did for you was useless. Now screw you! I told you RRL was the biggest part of the research! That you should regard it first!

Ikaw na magaleng! Ikaw na gumawa yan! Ikaw na bida! Ikaw na lahat!

I put the backbone. Now you follow it. And now you claim it was yours. Great! Kindly delete the part I wrote! It's that simple!

People who see that bad egg and claims the whole dozen to be bad too. Haaaay. Much ado over nothing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

On Trends and Choices

Question: Fashion or Function?

Why did Adam and Eve cover themselves with anything they can see after eating the forbidden fruit? Why did the Romans' and all other civilizations' army wore the armors? Why do prehistoric people cover only their private parts? And why do we wear clothes in general?

Check Google's definition of "clothes" and it will surely show the answer: "items wore to cover the body" (I know it will, I looked that up while writing this). The real question is, is this purpose really applicable now? I really am disgusted (sorry not sorry) at the designs and the kind of fabric produced by the textile industry for clothing industry. I mean, just look how see-through, if not revealing or two-piece-esque skimpy, every shirt you see nowadays? I, as a conservative person and overprotective boyfriend, I could not really find a decent clothing to give to my girlfriend. Poor me. All my picks are cleavage-revealing, and some are even soul-revealing. I then resort to something that she herself not wearing: a dreaded not-so-skimpy dress.

 Putting the rant aside, is this really the world nowadays, where designs overpower functions? Where popular matters than classic?

I just could not fathom how this world runs. You hide every inch of cleavage when alone, but still wear a clothing wherein everyone can see your brassiere's color. You hide your private area but wear shorts that would pass as a bikini.

Just saying these words for my own consumption. If you disagree then fine with me. I need someone still to help me understand how things turned out for everything wrong in this world.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy April Fools!

Hello there! You might have wondered how we (me and my girlfriend Dianne) pulled out that kind of spoof for April Fools. And maybe you just got April Fooled! LOL

We planned it the night before. Sorry, it's no biggie for me because we are hopeful, if not fated, to be in that engaged state, and eventually in married state.

And to those who believed that story we had today, I am deeply sorry! We just enjoyed the likes and of course the comments. But to say to you, you are just half fooled.

What I am saying is, when asked "did you just proposed to your girlfriend?", all I can say is (drumroll please...) YES and NO.

No because we are a little too young for that stage. I imagine us still enjoying the company of each other. You can give us maybe not less than five years.

Yes because we were semi-engaged (I invented the term!). The ring you saw in her finger is a promise ring I gave her December 19, on the eve of our 23rd monthsary. I promised to propose to her someday. Engaged for an engagement. :)

Well, I guess this can end confusions about everything. :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Since It's Been Ages For A Blog - About Girls' Guy Best Friends to Trust

Hello! It's been a very long while since my last post (I mean veeeeeeeeeeeeery long that Jake the Dog must have been proud if he knew). I was having a very hard time balancing between making a living and living a life.

And so I start.

Guy Bestfriends. Why do girls have them? I mean, I've read about one post somewhere in the internet I'm too tired to look for, that says it is fine for girls to have one. When in fact it's not fine!

For the record, I have not seen any advantages for being a GBF (to make it short). You get into the friendzone. And you are just one's excuse for a rebound guy. Like a one-night stand, except no making out. It's like you're a boyfriend without commitment. You are made to satisfy her being alone. I even read one part where the author even said about having a glamorous sorority party but you don't have a chaperon so you get your GBF. well, I'd say you'll gonna be a complete bitch (no, a little bit inappropriate) whore (damn what do I use??? NVM I guess you get the idea) with that. What's wrong with being alone? You came out of this world alone, you die alone, so why bother? And you will wonder why you repel guys, I guess.

Also, good luck with your future boyfriend. Expect to be left alone again after him being jealous over that guy. Your guy must think you have a hidden love affair with your GBF. You know, with all the pictures you take with the guy, every opportunity for him to make you smile that the other takes, every time you have a moment with GBF, every moment that you mention the name even though you were with him. It's just inappropriate to have other guys. Girls, be fair. Even taking a glance at other girls would set your mood down, but you can't even leave the GBF for your boyfriend. The worst part? Hanging out with him in front of your boyfriend. Yes, they are friends, but that would be a bit too close for comfort. If you do really care about your boyfriend, start making boundaries around the both of you. I mean permanent, not that thing where you take them down when he is away or your GBF wants to hang out.

Now I know why trust is now an issue. Come to think of it, friends are just random people you add in Facebook. People nowadays do not know what friendship is. Friendship is very, very, very far from companionship. Friendship is knowing one person, or an acquaintance. You share stories but you do know you must have boundaries. It may come and go, because admit it or not friends do not own your life. But companionship is knowing the other and sharing not just your story, but your life. It is and must be deeper than friendship. Love is not just a feeling but an act. And if you act like your GBF is a companion, then you're gonna be doomed. Even your GBF will leave you when he finds the one.

To wrap it up, girls and boys must know the boundaries of friendship. Or else, suffer the consequences. You do not want an awkward wedding when you grow up, right?

I'm just saying though. Just my two cents. Opinions are accepted. ;)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Reality bites

I am but a small voice, waiting to be heard. But then I hear my ancestors' voices. It says I need to heed not the road less traveled. Even though I tried to, the pulled me back again. I need to be on their track, to where they were before.

Sometimes, you can't make a name for yourself. You can't be a mocking-jay if you are a born falcon. I just hope to soar higher this time.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Thoughts on Happiness

What does happiness truly mean?
Does one need to defy other people's expectations to find happiness?
Is happiness dictated by other persons or society?
If so, why do dictionaries define happiness as a feeling of content and a state of well-being?

Why can't one just be happy without limits or restrictions?
Why does happiness needs to come with a bad thing afterwards?
Why do people who are happy at a time get troubles and problems after?
Why does one's happiness need to be judged by people?
Why do some people find happiness in judging other people's happiness?
Why do some people ruin other people's happiness?
Is there a rule in being happy?
How do other people define you with the way you are happy?
Why can't people be happy with what others do?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Riding-in-Tandem in DAVAO!!!

Dear my friends, blog followers, whoever you may be: we've been a victim of a RIDING-IN-TANDEM snatching. Want to hear a story? Here it goes.

We were walking downtown with the one I love and I'm like, fuck y..... errrr, no. Just kidding. So, we are heading to Claro M. Recto street to ride a jeepney to escort her home and we are only a few blocks away from there. Then out from nowhere (I mean out of my peripheral vision) there came a motorcycle. A black one. With two hideous hooligans in jackets of black.

We were shouting from the top of our lungs. Then we realize people just stared at us. So I handed her the other bag and made a run for it. I know we would have a thin chance but what else can I do? I never ran as fast like that, plus the shouting.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand so, they were riding faster than I ran. And we lost them. And just then we reach the place where I thought they made a turn, I notice two security guards just staring there. They did not do something about what happened. Greaaaaaaaaaaaat! So I asked for the police number and decided to make a call. But where? The first one who gave us the number referred us to the other one just across the street, so I could use their phone. Aaaaaaaaaaand he refused because their boss was not there. So we went to the nearby convenience store to have a free emergency phone call. We went to the police after then reported the incident for a blotter.

She lost most of her important things: wallets, flash drive (with everything she needed for her academics), the wrist watch and bracelet I gave her, and some girly stuffs. What hurts the most was not what was lost. What hurts was the fact that the security guards did nothing to stop the horrendous thieves!