Monday, November 5, 2012

Random Rage

Hello everybody! I'm sorry for the posts that are mostly rants. It's just me, confused during these times. Bear with me please. Ha ha!

So there's this guy who my girlfriend knew a year ago. He sent a message to my girlfriend that he wants to meet her 5pm today. I was not furious about this until she told me he was flooding messages. Well, as a protective (or you could say overly attached) boyfriend as I am, I thought that, hey, that was beyond her privacy. I think you got the idea that she does not want to see you.

Guys should know boundaries. When girls refuse, don't flood them with pleases. I mean, that's not how you get girls. You have to wait for the proper timing to meet them. And knowing she has a boyfriend, that was not the proper timing. Yes, for you, that would just be a friendly meeting. But for the girl, and most probably for his boyfriend, it might mean something else. ;)