Thursday, February 28, 2013

Riding-in-Tandem in DAVAO!!!

Dear my friends, blog followers, whoever you may be: we've been a victim of a RIDING-IN-TANDEM snatching. Want to hear a story? Here it goes.

We were walking downtown with the one I love and I'm like, fuck y..... errrr, no. Just kidding. So, we are heading to Claro M. Recto street to ride a jeepney to escort her home and we are only a few blocks away from there. Then out from nowhere (I mean out of my peripheral vision) there came a motorcycle. A black one. With two hideous hooligans in jackets of black.

We were shouting from the top of our lungs. Then we realize people just stared at us. So I handed her the other bag and made a run for it. I know we would have a thin chance but what else can I do? I never ran as fast like that, plus the shouting.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand so, they were riding faster than I ran. And we lost them. And just then we reach the place where I thought they made a turn, I notice two security guards just staring there. They did not do something about what happened. Greaaaaaaaaaaaat! So I asked for the police number and decided to make a call. But where? The first one who gave us the number referred us to the other one just across the street, so I could use their phone. Aaaaaaaaaaand he refused because their boss was not there. So we went to the nearby convenience store to have a free emergency phone call. We went to the police after then reported the incident for a blotter.

She lost most of her important things: wallets, flash drive (with everything she needed for her academics), the wrist watch and bracelet I gave her, and some girly stuffs. What hurts the most was not what was lost. What hurts was the fact that the security guards did nothing to stop the horrendous thieves!