Tuesday, September 27, 2011

For The New Blogger Interface and My Rant

So this is the new interface of Blogger... hmmmm. noice!

I'm sorry but this post will not be an appreciation of Blogger. It's about a rant.

Do you know the feeling when you have your mind set that everything will be OK, then all of the sudden all of the things just fall out? I would clearly not mind if I work things out myself, like assign me that one as a compensation on the time you felt I was not part of the group. I will take all tolls. But tonight, somebody just pissed my night off. *INH* (pardon, but I will tag her as *INH*, short for *Insert Name Here*) just changed the topic for our final paper. Great. Last minute changes. OOOH, I SO LOVE THAT. I love it when I was already grinning because I almost finished that damn part she told me to do, then she changed everything. I love it when the paper only needs revisions, then she tells me to make a new paper. OH I DO LOVE THAT. EVERYBODY DOES. SARCASTICALLY.

 And here's another problem. *INH* has yet to send me the parameters. And I'm tired of waiting for the updates. Great, because she always bugs someone to do this and that, but now I can't even seem to find her part. Plus, she expects me to do 5 parts of the paper that's worth 20 pages at my estimate. Hey I am trying everything, just don't make me like a machine. Who am I, Google? For her to expect that much of pages in just one sitting?

And there goes my rant. And I'm still waiting for that update. fssssssssssssh....