Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Since It's Been Ages For A Blog - About Girls' Guy Best Friends to Trust

Hello! It's been a very long while since my last post (I mean veeeeeeeeeeeeery long that Jake the Dog must have been proud if he knew). I was having a very hard time balancing between making a living and living a life.

And so I start.

Guy Bestfriends. Why do girls have them? I mean, I've read about one post somewhere in the internet I'm too tired to look for, that says it is fine for girls to have one. When in fact it's not fine!

For the record, I have not seen any advantages for being a GBF (to make it short). You get into the friendzone. And you are just one's excuse for a rebound guy. Like a one-night stand, except no making out. It's like you're a boyfriend without commitment. You are made to satisfy her being alone. I even read one part where the author even said about having a glamorous sorority party but you don't have a chaperon so you get your GBF. well, I'd say you'll gonna be a complete bitch (no, a little bit inappropriate) whore (damn what do I use??? NVM I guess you get the idea) with that. What's wrong with being alone? You came out of this world alone, you die alone, so why bother? And you will wonder why you repel guys, I guess.

Also, good luck with your future boyfriend. Expect to be left alone again after him being jealous over that guy. Your guy must think you have a hidden love affair with your GBF. You know, with all the pictures you take with the guy, every opportunity for him to make you smile that the other takes, every time you have a moment with GBF, every moment that you mention the name even though you were with him. It's just inappropriate to have other guys. Girls, be fair. Even taking a glance at other girls would set your mood down, but you can't even leave the GBF for your boyfriend. The worst part? Hanging out with him in front of your boyfriend. Yes, they are friends, but that would be a bit too close for comfort. If you do really care about your boyfriend, start making boundaries around the both of you. I mean permanent, not that thing where you take them down when he is away or your GBF wants to hang out.

Now I know why trust is now an issue. Come to think of it, friends are just random people you add in Facebook. People nowadays do not know what friendship is. Friendship is very, very, very far from companionship. Friendship is knowing one person, or an acquaintance. You share stories but you do know you must have boundaries. It may come and go, because admit it or not friends do not own your life. But companionship is knowing the other and sharing not just your story, but your life. It is and must be deeper than friendship. Love is not just a feeling but an act. And if you act like your GBF is a companion, then you're gonna be doomed. Even your GBF will leave you when he finds the one.

To wrap it up, girls and boys must know the boundaries of friendship. Or else, suffer the consequences. You do not want an awkward wedding when you grow up, right?

I'm just saying though. Just my two cents. Opinions are accepted. ;)