Saturday, February 20, 2010

And She Doesn't Know

I look as she passed by
Her eyes complement her body
It's a big crush, I bet
And she doesn't know

Stealing glances on the road
And I wish I had my camera
To capture her smile so stunning
And she doesn't know

I don't care for his boyfriend
It's just admiration, anyway
He's lucky to have her
And he doesn't know

Her lips, so tempting to me
A fun voice making heads turn
Awesome body drops my jaw
And she doesn't know

Looking around for a face
I saw her looking at me
I winked and glanced all around
And she doesn't know

I lay under the stars
Looking at my hands that longed to touch her
I smiled for it is her I thought
And she doesn't know


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Album Review: August Rush Soundtrack

"The music is all around is. all we've got to do is listen." this is the very last line in the Movie 'August Rush' that touched my heart. Listening to the music played (literally) in the movie, it makes me feel that I just can't have these guitar talents! Well, while I was watching a dance practice of my course-mates in the UP-Mindanao School of Management building in Anda street, Davao city, my upperclassman played a familiar August Rush song. we then hurried to peek for the title and the singer. Upon knowing, my roommate downloaded the soundtrack. I was amazed by the music I heard as they brought me back to the movies. here are my comments for my favorite songs:

1. Main title (Mark Mancina) - this one takes you to the days when Evan Taylor was just an orphan and was bullied because of his claim that he hears his parents. This also marks the start of Evan's story.

2. Bach/Break (Steve Erdody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers) - A clash of Classic and Modern Rock music. It started with a noticeable string quartet instrumental and then a 'rockestra"-type of music (rockestra = rock + orchestra). It is cool to hear.

3. Moondance (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) - a song about what a guy wishes for, a woman. So smooth harmonica tells the romanticism of the music.

4. This Time (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) - I could put this under the "EMO" songs that I listen to. "...will the wind be at my back?/can I get you off my mind?..." was it? haha. It's about a question of how and when can his father move on from the girl he met (which is, in this case, Evan's mother).

5. Bari Improv (Kaki King) - a super-tapping guitar solo that needs much practice to master. It would maybe appear to you like this is an ordinary group performance, but heel yeah, this is freaking solo!

6. Ritual Dance (Kaki King) - another solo! what a guitar skill this kid has (if ever this would be true). it is about the voice of the nature, how one has heard it.

7. Dueling Guitars (Heitor Pereira and Doug Smith) - as the title says, it is really dueling guitars. The one plays just strumming, while the other goes super guitar tricks and licks. it's super fun.

8. August;s Rhapsody (Mark Mancina) - the amazing rhapsody of guitar licks, cello madness and super sound effects. it felt so perfect for me, combining every instrument you knew.

9. La Bamba (Leon Thomas III) - it is because of Pacquiao that sang this song that I really hated this song. but this version, the acoustic version is a better cut. so relaxing, taking the blues away!

I would not bother to mind the other songs, for I honestly don't like them much. And making comments of them would just make me so tired right now. hahahaha. So long people! Keep listening!