Thursday, November 6, 2014

Like whaaaaaaaaaaaat???

If it was me you are referring to in your post, well I also got a bone to pick with you.

I was the one who created the start of your RRL. I fixed everything you wrote in your introduction. I was busy as of the last days that you asked for a revision. I told you I could not do it because of lack of resources. I noticed you can put articles on it. I told you you can. I was doing the best that I can do despite my busy schedules, preoccupied mind, and low spirit. I do it all for you.

Now you want a revision. I accepted it even though you said it to me in wee hours. I was doing it until you turned me down. You said you need to do it yourself anyways. It was confusing! But I gave up. I put my trust in you.

Now you're saying that what I did for you was useless. Now screw you! I told you RRL was the biggest part of the research! That you should regard it first!

Ikaw na magaleng! Ikaw na gumawa yan! Ikaw na bida! Ikaw na lahat!

I put the backbone. Now you follow it. And now you claim it was yours. Great! Kindly delete the part I wrote! It's that simple!

People who see that bad egg and claims the whole dozen to be bad too. Haaaay. Much ado over nothing.