Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fall and Fade

So this should be my second consecutive post in this week. I have this post pending for like months already, so I guess I just have to post this now.

This is Psalm Galope's song for those who would want to give up or those who are afraid to pursue their dreams. I mean, there's only one destination our body goes, to dust. But we can make our lives meaningful anyways before it goes dust.

So this is Psalm Galope with the song, Fall and Fade. enjoy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stay Away

This post is a show that sometimes love comes too good to be true.

Anne Mendoza again made everyone cry. haha. So her song, Stay Away, is a heartfelt song, telling of how love comes to easy and dreamy that you need to wake up from the reality that you were not meant for each other. Sometimes, we rush love. And sometimes we manage to make it like, yeah, this was my dream relationship. But, sometimes, love just ain't enough. Love was sometimes too good to be true. And sometimes, love was not all we needed.

Too much for that, here is Anne Mendoza with her new single (char!), Stay Away. Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Discommunicated People

Waking up in the morning, I have realized what I need and what I don’t.

It’s about the cellular phones, or cellphones. I have been so addicted that I have to text everyone where I was at that kind of moment, or what I have been feeling, or any lyrics of a song just to use my unlimited text service offered by my cellular service providers. It’s kind of an initiative to text everyone in your phonebook just to use that service when you’re “unlimited”.

Here’s things I have to reason out why I (and in the end, we) should stop this texting thing:

1. PROCRASTINATION. We have been so tired of telling everyone long stories that all we need is to say “text ko nalang (I’ll text you instead)”. Hey, is this how communication works? No, communication must not stop like this. I’d say we are now too lazy to tell jokes at public. This hinders also our ability to speak in public.

2.LANGUAGE DIFFERENCE. Yeah I hate jejemons. They make language more complicated. I mean, it’s enough that we have language. Just no including the Z’s and the extra S’s. They are unnecessary.

3.ECONOMIC INSTABILITY. We tend to buy load than buy food. Yeah, so sad. I mean, we overstated the need for communication. We must think of wants and needs anyways. Could we live without cellphone load? Yes. Could we live without food? No.

4.USELESS PRANKS. People were passing some chain messages that made no sense, and would even use a wish, or even God, to be credible in passing. I also remembered that prank about BBC warning Filipinos that we would be affected by the nuclear plant in Japan. This is over communication, this ain’t even true.

So the next time you use your phone, use it for a better purpose, please. At least use it to communicate, not to encourage miscommunication, just like for what it is supposed to be used.