Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This feeling maybe surreal
But yet I feel this more and more
so today I am making this pact
I wanna be with you forevermore

No shame, I'm about to tell the world
This heart of mine cannot be ignored
Yes dear, I know this love's not blurred
I wanna love you forevermore

Your hugs it's so stuck on my mind
Always want that moment everytime
And your hand so tender, feels like I could soar
I wanna hold you forevermore

And in the night when I try to sleep
And when I'm too tired of counting sheeps
All I want is you with me for sure
wrapped in my arms forevermore

And as much as i think of you
I want to show this love is true
I miss you my dear and it hurts me more
All I want is you, forevermore


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Love!

So I tried to surprise her on her 20th birthday last May 7 2012. I tried to surprise her but all of my plans seems to fail. But the best part is I surprised her! So as a poetic boyfriend, I tried to put my feelings into words. And so here it goes:

Everyday, there's this smile on my face
That nothing or no one ever can erase
It's love that I felt that it could not be true
Love that I felt from you

I'm thinking of special ways to thank you
but alas, nothing could ever do
So I thank God and asked Him to bless you
And show you happiness I could never give to you

On this special day I'm proud to show
What I feel and why I felt it so
I'm lucky to have a girl as perfect for me as you