Tuesday, May 13, 2014

On Trends and Choices

Question: Fashion or Function?

Why did Adam and Eve cover themselves with anything they can see after eating the forbidden fruit? Why did the Romans' and all other civilizations' army wore the armors? Why do prehistoric people cover only their private parts? And why do we wear clothes in general?

Check Google's definition of "clothes" and it will surely show the answer: "items wore to cover the body" (I know it will, I looked that up while writing this). The real question is, is this purpose really applicable now? I really am disgusted (sorry not sorry) at the designs and the kind of fabric produced by the textile industry for clothing industry. I mean, just look how see-through, if not revealing or two-piece-esque skimpy, every shirt you see nowadays? I, as a conservative person and overprotective boyfriend, I could not really find a decent clothing to give to my girlfriend. Poor me. All my picks are cleavage-revealing, and some are even soul-revealing. I then resort to something that she herself not wearing: a dreaded not-so-skimpy dress.

 Putting the rant aside, is this really the world nowadays, where designs overpower functions? Where popular matters than classic?

I just could not fathom how this world runs. You hide every inch of cleavage when alone, but still wear a clothing wherein everyone can see your brassiere's color. You hide your private area but wear shorts that would pass as a bikini.

Just saying these words for my own consumption. If you disagree then fine with me. I need someone still to help me understand how things turned out for everything wrong in this world.