Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Epic Note

Dear (insert her name here),

I know I'm too weak to show it. But in case you haven't noticed, I have been inlove with you since.

Yes, I have been. I remember when I see you, I have to look away because I'm afraid that I might not be the right guy. I'm busy, and you are busier. I'm afraid I just might be a bug in your schedule. For the record, this is the first time that I have hesitated at taking risks just to have even a dot there in your planner. I am... clearly intimidated by your aura. How I wish I was drunk enough to knock in your room or call out your name to tell you about this, uhhhhm, whatever this feeling is. But I can't even look at you, afraid that I would be staring at you and more afraid that you would notice.

This time, no more lying, no more about this pretense. No more Facebook likes to hide that it's you I like. Not even a status to show them who's on my mind. No tweets to say what's happening because in the end it's always me thinking of you.

I wanna be that guy you ever wished for. I wanna sing you a song while you were dancing in the rain. I wanna be one of the reasons for that gorgeous smile of yours. I wanna put the colors in your world. I wanna make you swear that there's someone willing to win your heart and would never ever try to break it. I want you to know that I exist. That I was real. That WE could happen, if you let me in. Sadly, this story happens in a fairytale only. You're my dream that won't come true.

But having said that, I would gladly grab this chance to say how I feel. What do I have to risk? You. I would risk the chance of telling you all of these before I go crazy and even before you'll notice. Well, I guess you have noticed it a long time. Five months of being so head-over-heels, it's too long. And tonight I broke my silence.

When I met you, life became happy. (A little riddle 'bout her perhaps? XD)