Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy April Fools!

Hello there! You might have wondered how we (me and my girlfriend Dianne) pulled out that kind of spoof for April Fools. And maybe you just got April Fooled! LOL

We planned it the night before. Sorry, it's no biggie for me because we are hopeful, if not fated, to be in that engaged state, and eventually in married state.

And to those who believed that story we had today, I am deeply sorry! We just enjoyed the likes and of course the comments. But to say to you, you are just half fooled.

What I am saying is, when asked "did you just proposed to your girlfriend?", all I can say is (drumroll please...) YES and NO.

No because we are a little too young for that stage. I imagine us still enjoying the company of each other. You can give us maybe not less than five years.

Yes because we were semi-engaged (I invented the term!). The ring you saw in her finger is a promise ring I gave her December 19, on the eve of our 23rd monthsary. I promised to propose to her someday. Engaged for an engagement. :)

Well, I guess this can end confusions about everything. :)