Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey Girl (My Supposedly Heart's Day Song)

So I will supposedly be posting about a song I composed just last week, and I wanted to share it in this blog for the first time. Sadly, I did not have the right instrument to make a good post. It is still having a super crappy audio due to the vibrating noise of the guitar. Well, sorry for that guys.

But, instead of posting here the song, I will be able to give you the lyrics of the song. So I entitled it "Hey Girl (The Best Part)". I wrote this song to dedicate to someone I call "POTZ". Yes, I missed her that I have to write the right words to express it. We called it totally over like a month ago, but I still can't get over with it.

So before I get teary-eyed, here is the lyrics of the song. Happy Heart's Day guys! XP

hey girl, don't you know
that I was here, here for you
hey girl, didn't you notice that
I'm missing you since you've gone away

but these words I say
won't mean anything to you

but hey girl, I love you
and I will wait forever
till you realize that there's me for you
and you'll never find another
coz the best part of me is you

hey girl, wouldn't you hear this
I've practiced all my lines but I'll do it in this rhyme
hey girl, I've tried to walk away
trying to act my cool but I've been wasting my time

Coz these things I did
won't mean anything right now

but hey girl, I love you
and I will wait forever
till you realize that there's me for you
and no need to find another
coz the best part of me is

you made my worst days shine
captured by your perfect smile
make the wait so worthwhile
girl I'm so impressed by your style
but this won't mean a thing
if you won't say anything
but then I remember the day
when you say

hey boy, I miss you
and I need your hugs and kisses
for your name was written deep in my heart
and I promise we will never ever part
but hey girl, yes I miss you
when I wake up each day there
you'll be in my heart and mind and though it hurts me so
the best part of me is you

the best part is me and you

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Music Review: Bruno Mars' Doo-woops & Hooligans

Yes, I'm supposedly be working on my academics right now, but the paper I'm supposed to be doing would be pending for at least a week due to a busy teacher. Weeeeee!

Music is really evident in our society right now. But most people just like to sing just because they do. For example, Pete Gene Hernandez, who is more likely to be called by his stage name Bruno Mars by the public. He is of Filipino descent, making me proud of myself being one. He sings because he wants to. And when he sings... O.O

His album, Doo-woops and Hooligans says about his roots and his versatility in genre. This also shows great selection of the order of the song. Here are the list-down of songs:

1. Grenade - This is a stupid song. This shows how guys would do everything for a girl, even if she won't. Great choice of starting song, would give a mindful thinking that Bruno is an "emo".

2. Just The Way You Are - Wew. This is a way to flatter a girl. Give the impression to girls that they don't need to be someone to be loved. Great to back Grenade, after the girl realizes why. :)

3. Our First Time - Sweet song. Perfect for the solo moments. Well, what do we expect? What do you think happens after the girl was flattered? O_O hehehehe

4. Runaway Baby - This is so like Elvis-y song. But behind the beat, just listen to the lyrics. It's so like a hopeful Bruno Mars in there. So maybe it would come in your mind that he wants to make it up with the girl.

5. The Lazy Song - It would be a chill-out song. Yeah, describes most people who just like to relax and enjoy, just even for a day. We all need to relax, recharge as we need to do things.

6. Marry You - Wanna propose? Just sing this song. But this gives an impression also that you have to wait for the right "yes". This also means, after a while of thinking, yeah you could think of how are you to propose after. XD

7. Talking to the Moon - Shoot, this is so emotional, and showing how he could be so smooth. It is somehow good to keep away pride for awhile and accept that you need her. He maybe was denied on the way he proposed. tsk.

8. Liquor Store Blues - Yeah, defined blues music. This is really a wasted song, like, chill. Lets party. Throw away all the hay. And the Rastafarian beat makes it so, wooooo! Just party all the way!

9. Count On Me - This is for the friends who lasted and were tested and true. I also suspect that this is for his special "friend". But anyways this is so cool, so amazing. :)

10. The Other Side ft. Cee Lo Green - What a way to end the album. He is actually waiting for her to come with him on the verge of going to the other side. True love waits. :))

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is She Really Worth It?

Been very bad this night (oops, morning I mean). I'm supposed to study the lessons in ABE155 (Introduction to Marketing Management for the Agribusiness Enterprise, or simply marketing) but I decided to blog. Sorry I can't help myself. :P

Yeah, here is another Anne Mendoza's song. This is excerpted from miss Verna Sabsal's poetry. She got interested on the poem and made it an inspiration to make it more alive by music. I brand this as so damn good, I need to rewrite the lyrics and make it more of like the guy's perspective. And the start of the song has an excerpt from the movie "Just Friends". It somehow fitted the situation.

For those guys who are IN LOVE and have not received the expected, and girls who are HESITANT, here is Anne Mendoza with her song for you! XD