Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is She Really Worth It?

Been very bad this night (oops, morning I mean). I'm supposed to study the lessons in ABE155 (Introduction to Marketing Management for the Agribusiness Enterprise, or simply marketing) but I decided to blog. Sorry I can't help myself. :P

Yeah, here is another Anne Mendoza's song. This is excerpted from miss Verna Sabsal's poetry. She got interested on the poem and made it an inspiration to make it more alive by music. I brand this as so damn good, I need to rewrite the lyrics and make it more of like the guy's perspective. And the start of the song has an excerpt from the movie "Just Friends". It somehow fitted the situation.

For those guys who are IN LOVE and have not received the expected, and girls who are HESITANT, here is Anne Mendoza with her song for you! XD

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