Saturday, November 12, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For

I am not against God's will for my life, I actually wanted him to take the wheel and let whatever might happen happen to me. But yeah, I believe also in luck, I mean, what have I got to lose from wishing on a 11/11/11, on the exact time of 11:11:11 am? Even without the date, I always try to catch that time (sometimes it's the pm version of the time I catch) and wish because I want to believe that God, or fate it is for those who don't believe in Him, is actually working out for my wish.

Then came this day, November 12, 2011. At the wedding I attended where I was a groomsman, there goes that "little game" instead of tossing the bouquet and the garter. To make the long story short, I got the bad chance of having the garter. Great, must be the chair. And there goes my partner. I describe her as stunning. With her makeup and all sh!t girls do to their faces (I'm not anti-makeups, just want to judge if the girl is naturally pretty enough). And the ritual happened (oh c'mon, I know y'all know what that is for the bouquet/garter toss, right?).

But you must know that before this game, I was really eyeing on her at the church, and I was like, man, can we be partners please? But then, I let my fate decide whoever of those girls I get to escort, that's why I did not have the chance at first. Until that thing happened.

I was so overwhelmed or just ashamed with my relatives and especially my cousins teasing me. I don't know, IT WAS JUST AWKWARD. Or maybe I was just TORPE SHY TYPE. OKAY! I did not get her number, alright? Now stop teasing.

I tried to think of it as we went home, and I realized I can't get her out of my head since. A feeling I should not feel. Then I remember that wish from yesterday. And I was like, damn, this can of beer might not be enough and I need to have another! And then, I thought of it and I said, yeah screw it, not my day. I tried to see my solo picture while I'm in the ramp. In that picture was a clear capture of her in my back and I thought, meh, coincidence. Until I saw a notification in my Facebook friend request tab. It was her! Damn.

But my brother has got a point. She's just, what? Third Year High School? Or Fourth Year at that? And I was like twenty turning twenty-one. TOO OLD FOR HER. Oh great, now I'm ALL FVCKED UP AGAIN. It was a clear MINDFVCK for me. If really she was the one I wished for, I don't know how we could communicate if I try things out with her. I mean, we are living in, literally speaking, different worlds.

I just got to see her one more time. Not that I abhor love at first sight like I did, but I just want to make sure it was right for us to meet. AND, there goes 11:11 pm. I missed it. (facepalm)

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