Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Car Fantasies

Since I am turning 21 and my father has loaned another car, it occurred to me that I now want to drive a car. Or in the family's case, I want to own a car. Be it that 2-year-old-but-good-as-new DMax or a new automatic-transmission low ride sedan.

If ever I will inherit the DMax, then fine. But I'd like the interior to have some touch of forest green or onyx black, partnered with a sporty musky frangrance. Then Taz Accessories to wrap it all up. And most especially, no more boring classical and make-you-infertile music, just pure adrenaline-pumping punk and emo-core music (and the latest hits to add). The grayish color of that car is fine, I like it anyways.

But in case they want to sell the poor car which has always been a good companion in our family outings and buy or loan me another, I'd prefer the race car type (e.g. Mitsubishi Lancer EX, Toyota Vios, Honda Civic, Honda City) or the cutie mini car type (e.g. Ford Fiesta, Chery QQ, Honda Jazz, Suzuki Alto). I know this was kind of selfish, but I want to have my own ride, with no one dictating what music I intend to play. I'd like the color green or greenish or black or some color that distinguishes it from other cars ('cause white, black, red and blue are too mainstream LOL). And yeah, they'll have the same accesories and what-have-you's inside.

But if possible, I want the cruise control technology that my father's new car has. And player control in the steering wheel. And the touch-screen display. And back-light color of the buttons would be color green, please. Chrome plating is very necessary. And if there are free vinyls, why not?

And kids, that's how I fantasize about this whole car thingy that's going on inside my head. XD

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