Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Curse of 11/11/11

Have I told you to be careful what you wish for the last time I posted a blog? Last time I checked, yes I did. Just making sure you did not wish for something stupid. Because 11/11/11 is taking its toll on me.

I wished to see her and have a conversation with her. The whole week I wished for such stupid time. And who knows? I saw her on the mall today. Or so I thought. But I swear to God it was her that I saw. But I'm hesitant to talk. It was in the grocers, and I may not take how my brother might "bug" me and my blushing face. I was just happy I saw her, but I was saddened by the fact that I did not have the chance to hear her voice.

I took it as it was, that it was not yet my time, then my second cousin's cousin (yep, that explains how far cousins we were) started to hit the same girl. I should have told you, he's also a groomsman in the wedding, And also in the game of the improvised Trip to Jerusalem. I did not know he almost had an affair once with her.  Now we move on to the story, leading us to Facebook. And guess who's using the Ad Hominem Fallacy against me to have more points on her? Wow, I could not believe he said that to her publicly. I mean, that's kind of rude for someone to poison the well just to have the girl.

He was just lucky that we went to the church right away after we went to the mall. Because at that time, she was online. Grabe, I did not have a minute for a conversation with her. I only asked for even just a Facebook chat with her. I could have protected her from such douchebag-ness of that cousin. >:|

Everything was just a trial. I must know how to care for her. Maybe one day, she could MIGHT be the one for me. I could not wait for that day to come! I believe she don't deserve those douchebags, she deserves a knight-in-a-shining-armor-to-be. OOOOPS. I'm overstating a fact, therefore it was a fallacy I said. Dayumn. But on the first place, I will not do such to a lady like her, that's what I could assure her if she only knew. Haaaaay....

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