Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It was a good rainy December night. I just finished reading my books, so I went to the cyberspace. I heard of this new album of My Chemical Romance, with the statement to stop melodrama and go back to the roots of rock. Well, not all of you are aware, right?

As I browse through their music, I viewed a comment that tries to stop Justin Bieber’s career. And I was like, hell yeah, I agree dude. For he was carrying a virus – a virus that causes this Bieber Fever. A virus that killed rock in the minds of all those wailing girls. A virus that destroyed musicality.

What does music mean? Was it just a combination of melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre, or was it something deeper? Was it just anywhere and whatever you hear like the rustling of the leaves, or was it what you feel and the expression of what you felt, like the sound of your heartbeat? And was it just following the guy’s music because of his facial assets, or rocking out till your lungs get sore because the music just made you do so? Honestly, I have seen many concerts where everyone sings along to the songs because the music is too good. And I have seen more concerts where everyone is shrieking for the artist because he looks too good. Hey, was this music for you?

Lyric-wise, I’d vote for rock music. Just imagine these lyrics. “Pardon me while I burst into the flames, I’ve had enough of the worst and it’s people’s mindless games.” What’s more lyrical than this? Was it a little dude singing “before they outlaw a kiss, baby give me one last hug”? Come one. This is kind of promoting "premature sex" (no, there is no such words I guess, I'm just saying it). Seen the videos? Does it make sense for a boy that just turned 17?

I remember when having your hair as long as mine right now would be associated with rock bands, and the girls do have a common question – “do you play guitar?” and I kind of like it. But now, it is still the same, just an added request – “could you play Bieber songs for me?” And I was like, yeah whatever. I’m too cool and manly for GAY-ber songs.

What is about Justin Bieber that I hate? Nothing. But what is about his music that I hate? Everything. It started the facial value of musicians, like Lady Gaga and Ke$ha. Yeah, Ke$ha? Remember the girl who talks with autotune, and then call it a music.

I bet Usher Raymonds has picked the fruit too unriped, like the mango. Unriped mangoes were still palatable to others who’d like to taste sourness, but mango is supposedly sweet. Just like JBieb. That’s not what music is meant to sound, right? But we bit it. And there goes rock music, the one ripened through time with all the sense. Where is it now? ALMOST GONE.

Because of Bieber, there goes K-pop that we don’t even understand the lyrics! But since, their facial value matters, I can’t blame you who listen to K-pop. But look at Urbandub and Dicta License, OPM bands that once sang about STD. It made sense, but we did not mind.

I’ll end this speech with a tip. When you listen to music, consider the message. It is not the artist you praise for. Music is art, it is meant to be analysed for it to be felt. If you want fame, then go the Bieber way. As for me who wants to celebrate rock music, I’ll opt to let my music be heard by few and appreciated because of talent, than to be judged by the looks.

This is a paper I made for Speech Communication subject or AH3. Hey, no offense bieliebers. I'm just writing this out for the sake of the subject. and I'm just posting what I feel. Freedom of expression dude. If you are moved by this Persuasive Speech or not, I really don't mind. XD

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