Thursday, March 24, 2011


20 years. Yeah, no kidding. I've scored. Just today. But it doesn't show! Well, advantages. hehe.

I have so many things in life to ponder. I can't believe myself as I bring a flashback of those memories. I just can't think of myself changing from hairdo to accents to music type to shoe preferences.

I have encountered several headaches, and heartbreaks. I have tasted happy times, I savored sad times. I have been called many names, but I remained myself. I drank all those good days, but I never forgotten God. I will never forget Him, who died for me and for my sins. Lord, thank you.... :))

I have to say thank you for those who had been part of my 2 decades, especially those part of the last decade. For the laughters, sorrows, mischiefs, achievements, and all. Dominiques (special mention: GM's), Thomasites (since I have been joining the group for two years before you named yourselves), AMC, UPeepz, ABEDOSMILOTSO, Katingugan, PSALM-UPMIN, PS-PSD (weeeee!), Rubia Boys and Girls (kanus-a makuha jerseys? hehe), and all my acquaintances, thank you so much. You all made me who I am today.

I couldn't be thankful enough for my parents.I have not grown to be what they expected. But despite of this fact, they accepted me. They give me all I needed. They protected me from harm. They risked giving what I really wanted. I was never the achiever-type whom mothers liked their sons to be someday. But I got big dreams. And they gave me my dream. Music, there goes guitar lessons. Proper education, oh, there goes Panabo Faith Mission Academy and Maryknoll High School of Panabo. Future, yeah, there's the University of the Philippines Mindanao. Everything I chose, though they planned it, they asked for my opinion. And they understand me for who I am.

The heck! Why do I need to do this stuff? Well, I don't want to be a gayish bullcrap here crying, so I end with a Lyrics from Urbandub's song: "There's no point in keeping your head face-down/ when all you see and know and feel is temporary/ spread your arms and keep your head held high/ good things are better taken in the less you notice."


PS. Here is a picture of my designer shoe made in NIKEiD. Would someone please help me buy this one? kindly click the pic below and see the beauty. :))


  1. nice one dude!!! godspeed..

  2. Hi ton! I know this super late!hehe..well, i like this line:" I drank all those good days, but I never forgotten God. "

    That's it! never forget your God remember that our lives will be all accounted in the last days!

    God bless you always!Love you..mwaaaaaaah!!!!:D

  3. Dude your a good writer. Keep it up! Saludo!