Friday, July 20, 2012

Poem #6

6 months that weve been through
6 lines I always say to you
these lines have said what's in my heart
6 lines in hopes we would never part

"Ingats ha," I'd say to show my care
when at your side I could not be there
"See you later" when we would have a date
coz I know when I'm with you, everything's great

"Good morning" in every day of our lives
Coz you were the first thing on my mind
"Good night" when I sleep at night
Hoping when I wake up you'd be by my side

Saying "I miss you" when I want you near
when I miss your hugs and kisses, my dear
"I love you" coz I need you to know
How dear you are to me, and I'll never let go


P.S. Francis Loves Krissy <3

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