Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Funny, But Annoying

Well, it has been 6 months since I had this relationship with Gwapa (Krismarie Dianne Cezar is her real name). And I find it weird that every time we see one of her friends, some would mistake me for someone, still.

It was funny the first time it happened. I mean, it was just new, like 2nd month, and I understand that they do not know me. But the thing is, it keeps happening and happening. What I hated is that they call me the name of her ex-boyfriend.

This is a boyfriend's dilemma. One does not want to be called by the ex'es name, am I right? I mean, this sucks. I am very different from that scumbag who hurt my girl's heart over and over. I just hate the feeling that you've just been a copycat.

By the way, it's RESTONI, not RICK. It's for a reason that my nickname is TON. And unlike him, I will be the man who will be the opposite of that kid. Instead of leaving, I'd be staying. Instead of hurting, I'd be caressing. Instead of fighting, I'd be the one who understands her.

I'd be the knight who will protect my princess from bandits like him. :)

Shut up homophobic seal. This is serious stuff.


  1. if they're indeed her friends and they keep on calling you with your girl's ex-bf's name.. maybe you have some similarities or they like her ex for her or they're more comfortable with her ex.. @_@

    I have a friend who broke up with his bf but we like that guy for her...
    then here comes a suitor having some similarities with his ex..
    tall,handsome,fair skin..so we called him with our friend's exbf's name..

    but it's not just that.. we have this little insecurity because it seems like he's taking away our girl from us.. i mean.. hey! if your the bf it doesn't mean you own all her time.. or WE are her friends.. so befriend us too.. haha.. so yeah we're calling that stuff to annoy that guy..

    well..all I can say is BEFRIEND them.. they'll like you ;)

  2. problem is that, he broke her heart for so many times, and (call me old-school, but) I truly love her. And to add, that ex-bf was not at all liked by her friends. It was an awkward moment for me. And I'm like, this is serious. Thanks for the comment-slash-advice, actually that's what I'll trying to do. :D