Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why Bro, Why?

I can't do my thesis well at this time. Oh my dear thesis adviser, please let me get through this. Just one blog, just this once.

Would it be so hard for you to know that your brother was already a drinker? At a ripe age of 13, I was getting only puppy love and all those cheesy stuffs right there. And academics. And love. And basketball. And table tennis.

Okay, I admit. I am a drinker. I got drunk so many times, and my favorite hard beverage is beer. San Mig Light to put it into name. But would it be enough for my brother to stop drinking? Having seen me and my dad drunk, didn't it gave him the mentality that being drunk is bad?

I have been trying to avoid alcohol as much as possible even if my body still longs for it sometimes, until now. It gave me nothing. No! It gave me some things! Headache, bowel disorder, puking nights, hangovers. But yes, I still drink, because there are times when I think I needed to.

This day, my girlfriend and I made a pact. We would never ever drink again. Healthy lifestyle is the main point. But this day also, I knew that my brother already have had drinking sessions with his Boy Scout friends. Worse, it's at the school. Worst, he's still 13 and I am college when I was drinking at a hyper rate.

I am a bad brother. I showed him that drinking is just fine, as long as you don't get drunk. Or being drunk is just fine, just don't get caught to nanay and tatay.

Well, karma, you caught me again. When I was just trying to stop drinking hard liquors, my brother was dying to have some. I could be accused of promoting beer in our house and now my brother drinks it. I am guilty.

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