Saturday, September 22, 2012


So let me tell you about a love so innate
About a girl with whom I have same traits
About a love that I can't hate
For sweet months that went eight

For all the girls that I have met
She's the one I could never ever forget
My life so dull she had ornate
The reason that we reached eighth

My heart still goes on a faster rate
Whenever I see her before our dates
I still can't forget the talks when we stay up late
Even though we already reached eighth

She for me is the perfect mate
Even though my eyes at times they dilate
On thinking of how much rice she ate
Still laugh at it on our month number eight

Maybe when we have a situation we hate
Or even when we have a special date
I greet her with flowers and chocolates
And I would do so, even in this eighth

Darling, you are definitely worth the wait
How about my family name on your nameplate?
Yes, soon enough because years will wait
But for now we will enjoy our eighth

My love, we've come by this state
Because you and I have a love this great
And you have loved me through my overreacting traits
Sure enough, we would cherish more eights

PS. This is for the smiles and love you gave to me. Because of this, we reached our happy 8th... I LOVE YOU KRISMARIE DIANNE CEZAR!!! :*

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