Tuesday, August 21, 2012

7 days a week

Whenever you need someone to care
Whenever you need someone to be there
When all of the clouds surround you
Seven days a week, I'd be here for you

When the burdens you cannot bear
With your problems you cannot share
When life seems to be unfair
Seven days a week, I'm here to care

When the world seems to turn its back on you
I will be the one to carry you through
When tears start to fall and you want to surrender
Seven days a week, you could cry on my shoulders

Whenever you need a loyal companion
I'll be someone you could rely on
Promises can break but this one can't do
Seven days a week, I LOVE YOU.


ps. I know things around are hard to bear these times. But please don't give up on life. My heart can't stand to see you sad. I hope I could just ease your pain. Still, I'm here for you and will try to fix you. :*

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