Wednesday, March 3, 2010


August 2007
I took the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test) just to find a college for me. No harm in trying, as they said. I saw a bright light of enthusiasm. Effortless as I am, I want to pass, or else I would have a harder try to other schools. We went on road with my cousin as early as four o'clock am, to UP Mindanao. We took the 1st "Abortion Road" Experience. We arrived five thirty am, already in fullest speed ever. Take this, we had a cold experience in the CHSS-AVR! Good thing I had put the jacket in the car. There were snack time, but who has time to? At long last, the half-day agony ends.

Febuary 2008
My father brought me the paper he downloaded from the internet. It says that I passed, and was selected the course of BA English major in Creative Writing. I then opposed and chose BS Agribusiness economics. We tried all means to transfer me into the course.

April 2008
We went to UP Mindanao to check the dormitory. But who are these people? I see people of my age entering the dorm! Out of curiosity we asked. A Summer Bridge Program is going on! Too bad for me, it is too late.

June 2008
Enrollment time! I was excited to write the course: BSABE (BS Agribusiness Economics). But when I came to the Office of the University Registrar, I was registered as BAE (BA English). Oh my! My mother then asked the Registrar what happened. I was low in math (I knew it!). But we compromised on the pact I made, to make my study a priority. So my parents and the registrar agreed to add me in BSABE. Whew!

Ok. Before going back to the university, got my phone jammed! It always show the startup, but the desktop won't show. Back to the basic phone. first night at the dormitory, I was alone. Thanks for this dude named Kevin Labrador who shared the same situation with me. We talked and went out of the dorm till we won another friend who called out another and we had a herd of them! Thanks God for these wonderful people! 1st block encounter, only five out of sixteen I recognized. But we got close enough to know each other through our bondings. We experienced diversity of teachers - an expert one, a boring one, a terror one, a sleepy one, a "tweety" one, and a funny one. We were cool, and we see the bright side of life. All of us passed the course. On extracurriculars, I joined Koro Kantahanay and PSALM (Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement, Inc.).

A new time to kill myself! I'm inflicted with so many conflicts. First, desperately trying to move on. Second, I fell in love again with the wrong woman. Third, I became so tardy. I would come to the Calculus and Analytic Geometry (MATH26) class unprepared. I was lucky that every time I attempt not to go, there would be no classes. Due to the fact that I love the arts (for I am a musician and an enthusiast in photography), I prioritized Arts and Humanities 5 (AH5). Biology 1 (BIO1) was taken for granted, until I forgot to pass the returned Scientific Papers. I was given 5 in laboratory for that reason. But thanks to the Lecture teacher who saved me from failing the subject, and given me incomplete (inc) grade to comply to the laboratory and pass. But I failed in MATH26. I have two options - to take the summer class in UP Diliman or wait for another semester in my delay. I have to take the second. I have to relax, I said to myself.

June 2009
Prior to enrollment, I need to check my grade in BIO1. Good gracious, I passed! And I need two days to wait for it to be signed by the proper persons. But it was worth it. I passed! and I need to enroll MATH26 this semester.

Another year! I can't believe I am on my second year in the university! Glad I have survived (or did I? Almost I haven't). More girls around, but can't help. I need to study! Been on my good statistics ever, coping up with the mistake last semester. I enrolled in MATH26 with the hope of passing. in the end, I passed. I also passed all of the subjects. Looks like another cool semester for me! On the other side, I was pressured to be called "KUYA", as I thought my roommates (both freshmen) were looking up on me.

Good things do happen for a reason. I was elected as president in our choral, KATINGUGAN. And on the verge of accepting it, I was appointed as the treasurer of the religious group, PSALM. and before the semester ends, I joined PSALM's official Praise and Worship team. And thus With the pressure, I flunked MST5, and almost had not pass ANSC10. I was frustrated then. But still I survived! My teacher in ANSC10 compromised me. So that's the benefit of being a christian. =)


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  1. hi ton! happy birthday!

    Very detailed account of UP life. Pwede na mahimong UP diaries. It's good if you could continue this post til u graduate. It'd be nostalgic once you see how much you've grown after four years dbuh? =)

    Cgeh hai hai, just dropping by :-p Keep it up.