Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Album Review: Owl City's Ocean Eyes

I never thought something good can come from electronics music! I mean, this Adam Young has proved himself worthy for the pop beat in almost all genre, thanks to his insomnia. Ocean Eyes (just got the album last week) is an all-in-one album. You want to know why?

1. Cave in - this song's beat was more about summer breakaways. But then, the lyrics would mean moving onwards, not looking back. The metaphors used was so funny peculiar and the beat, so refreshing.

2. The Bird and The Worm - This song, with its catchy beat, is such a happy love song. Imagine you're in the beach with your significant someone, that's the feel of this song. Say, "you're the bird/and I'm the worm/and it's plain to see that we're meant to be." So cheesy for an electronica guy!

3. Hello Seattle - This song is full of metaphors that explains who he was and who he wanted to be. This could mean that he wants to tell Seattle, or perhaps the whole world, who he really is, why he wanted to pursue music.

4. Umbrella Beach - This one's for par-tey!Add some cello and some synth, and we're good to go! It shows how a musical monster this man is.

5. The Saltwater Room - Put an acoustic touch on the start, you'll know it's a love song. Yes it is a summer love song, just a little opposite to The bird and the Worm. It is like doubting about love.

6. Dental Care - Was he funnily talking about the dentists? No. About parallels in life? Yes most probably. So funny descriptions, they are not actually the complete parallels but the thought counts. You, would you rather pick flowers than a fight? Hmmmm....

7. Meteor Shower - Yeah. This marks the start of the emotional part of the album perhaps. Strong words to describe the feeling? So Owl City. Adam is so expressive in his songs, that is why I'm starting to like his songs.

8. On The Wing - He misses the girl right here. He is so in love, I could tell. They are on a mall, talking about themselves, and maybe walking down the arcades, through the parades and all that makes a girl happy. Yup, he is so in love.

9. Fireflies - Oh my, do I really need to explain this? Yes, this is a good song. Polytonic tone like a phone ringing is so nostalgic, like you want to go back to childhood days. But then, as the song suggests, we must live what is now, and not the fantasy.

10. The Tip of the Iceberg - A song about winter loving. Another Club Party song. This song's so hypnotic, and it describes much what happens during winter. I find it cool (no pun intended).

11. Vanilla Twilight - Piano does it all at the start, making the ambiance so lovely. Again, he is so in love! But he's right, we just think of the one(s) we love, then we feel not so alone. But this song is so EMO! This is just what makes this album amazing, complete servings of all music.

12. Tidal Wave - Fast beats would really hide what he wants to portray. This one shows how weak a man can be. I love the lyrics when it says "I forget the time I felt brave/I just recall insecurity/'cause it came like a tidal wave and sorrow swept over me."

13. If My Heart Was A House - "If my heart was a house you'd be home". how cheesy this song have been! I really want to sleep upon hearing this song! I just love to hear this!

Well, that was about the 13-track album. Download the album here for free (just like what I did. haha). Till then! Good luck for OWL CITY! \m/


  1. nice ton-itz!hahah. gasulat jud diay ka?

  2. Hey this is a really cool post. I've only heard one song out of the thirteen, though.

  3. Hey ton.. Can I ask something? Can you explain the meaning of the lyrics in "fireflies" song? I really love Owl City but I'm just a little confused about the lyrics of "fireflies".. hehe.. Thanks in advance.. ^^b