Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You Have the Rights

Dear my Princess GwaPanda Baboy,

I wrote this because I want to make it clear. I wrote this because I want you to know, that you have the rights to stalk me. And these are my arguments.

1. You have the right to stalk whoever I chat, whomsoever status I like, whatsoever I comment. I'd rather have an overly attached girlfriend (that's what you are but you want to say that it was cool even though it wasn't) than one who doesn't give a damn about me. I'd rather have you checking out who's who in my life than to never ever hear about whatever I say.

2. You have the right to be jealous. 'Cause as a matter of fact, I get jealous. I always get jealous (well, not for those who call you sexy, I tag them inappropriate hehe). I get jealous because you talk about and praise guys in front of me. And you, as my girlfriend, have the right to get jealous.

3. It's not your fault that you happened to browse my phonebook and there was a girl with a smiley on her name, or look at my old FB pictures and those pictures with my ex were still there. It's my fault because I did not clean up after my mess. The problem is not that you are too curious and that you want to check me out. It's me not erasing those moments that do not matter to me anymore because I'm too confident you'd never find out.

4. I never want you to doubt me. But I also never want you to hide these doubts and keep hurting yourself for anything that I have done. I never ever want to make you cry, though sometimes I know I did. It hurts for me to see you cry. But it burns me inside when you cry and I don't know what the reason was. So if you're jealous or angry or pissed, tell me.

5. I always stalk you. I always want to know about who you are with, why you were there, what you are doing, and stuffs like that. That is because I wanna check how you were doing out there without me. That's why I get sad when I hear about your plurks that you are angry, confused, afraid, etc..

6. I really don't have a problem with you stalking me. It's for you to guard your heart from any mischief I might do. Do not think of it as a bad habit, but instead, treat it as a good move.

7. Yes, find this corny, but I just want to show my all to you. I want to show you that even though I had those flaws, I would do everything I need to, just to make you stay with me forever.

These facts and more that I could not recall of are the reasons why I want you to stalk me. If ever you have complaints/comments, just text me or type in your comment below.

Thanks for the time and hoping for your warm-hearted consideration.

Your Prince GwaPolar Baboy,



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