Wednesday, October 13, 2010

JBieb: 51 years old??

I just had my second day of the semestral break this school year. My first day is spent with my BSABE batchmates. So this second day I'll spend it by posting my thoughts.

While I was studying and searching the net for reliable sources of information(kuno), I found this video post from a friend. It says that Justin Bieber is not a 15 year old pop icon, rather a 51 year old pedophile. Well, here it is.

But wait, don't exactly believe this sh*t. It was just a big parody from the Onion News Network. They are the international version of Wazzup Wazzup. Check the names on the net to know about them more. A big lie indeed. And a funny one. And don't get me wrong! I just have a shock on the news, and I don't exactly believe it. And I'm not a Bieber fan! I'm just annoyed by the parody. It was too good, I almost laughed all by myself! XD

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