Monday, October 18, 2010

Beautiful Days

This is another break, and it's like we are having a hard time apart. Fights, fussing, misunderstanding. But this I tell you, I'd still love her with this problems we overcame and those we are yet to overcome. The reason? It could be explained by this song. :)

So this is another Anne Mendoza's composition. But this time, she needed help from her two trusted bloc-mates, Trisha Anne Samantha Aligato and Betsy Tulio. Trisha (or Treeng, as she would like to be called) is also part of the group Koro Kantahanay, making her qualified to write and sing songs. Betsy is a writer on University of the Philippines Mindanao's official newsletter, Himati (no doubt she's part of the lyricists).

This song is actually recorded by Anne only as the three of them don't have time to record together. But still I consider this a worthy post. No one could make this music while studying. But the lyrics struck me. hehe. XD

Without further ado, here's the song! Hope you'll enjoy this. XD


  1. this song is indeed very inspiring. we made the lyrics through a "girls-night-out" and didn't expect a good product :)

    a happy love song!

  2. yup hear here..... guess it's eureka phenomenon for the three of you... :))